The Daily Grind: What’s your unhealthiest real-life habit brought on by MMOs?

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I’ve always had a hard time going to sleep at a reasonable hour. MMOs, though, have helped make that functionally impossible for me. It started when I was playing Final Fantasy XI on dial-up and could only play later in the day, at which point I decided that it made more sense to stay up late and be tired (or take a nap in the middle of the day) than to go to bed early and lose out on playtime. Then there was the period of my life when I was working second shift and had a World of Warcraft expansion to play with…

Long story short, my sleep schedule has always been bad, but MMOs have certainly made my sleeping habits worse. And I don’t think I’m entirely alone; I think all of us have bad habits that MMOs can exacerbate. Eating poorly or not enough, not getting enough sleep, getting too competitive, things like that. So what about you, dear readers? What’s your unhealthiest real-life habit brought on by MMOs?

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Malcolm Swoboda

I think the worst is sleep. I’m going through my 20s, still expecting to be going to sleep 2-4AM some days (and 12-1AM other days), when I should be sleeping at midnight, latest. Then again, I’m generally night owl, so MMOs just give more encouragement to do what I’ll always be doing sometimes anyway.

Another is that too much setting is starting to have its effect on me. I’m trying to counteract that with more breaks, occasional jogs, and seeing about signing up at my school’s gym this year.


Definitely sitting too much.

I was very active when younger and whilst I enjoyed gaming, I used to fit gaming around the rest of my life. When I hit uni, gaming was relegated to purely split screen multiplayer (too many stoner sessions playing mario kart on N64).

Then I got the MMO bug, and suddenly every evening was spent playing MMOs. Would only go out for nights out, so meant evenings were either unhealthy gaming / snacking, or unhealthy drinking.

It’s been 4 years since I’ve had an MMO home but still fighting to control this bad habit! It’s just too damn easy to come home from work and veg out all evening.

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First I have to say, I loved reading all the responses. Reminds me that there are people like me in the real world, lol.

I think what developed it into an unhealthy habit, is now that I have a family, I work all day, do the family thing until the kids go to bed, then have to drink caffeine so I can play my MMO, otherwise I’d fall asleep before the title screen hits. Overdoing caffeine just to get gaming time in is not the healthiest thing according to my doctor.
I try to explain that no MMO gaming is much more unhealthy. :)

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Peregrine Falcon

Reading MassivelyOP is the first thing I do when I come home from work. Every. Single. Day.

Does that count?


Micro-transactions , unhealthy eating, and a lack of sleep. :P

Bryan Correll

Eating poorly…., not getting enough sleep,

I can’t blame MMO’s for that. Cause I had those habits before MMO’s existed.

Ahelms Tub

I don’t go outside.

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Hot Pockets and beer?

Mmmmm Hot Pockets and beer.


Skipping the school/work/gym to make practically no progress in whatever game it is.

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The worst is after you do that and then realize you haven’t left *insert home city here* and have just been hitting space bar jumping around the auction house and chatting with randos and guildies.

A Dad Supreme

“What’s your unhealthiest real-life habit brought on by MMOs?”
The obvious… sitting in one place for too many hours is bad for your health. Puts too much stress on the rectum.

Someone needs to develop an assless-gaming chair.


Got hemorrhoids do ya? Sitting too much will do that ask any real trucker. :P