The Elder Scrolls Online is adding a new PvP battleground and a new mode in Update 15

How would you like a new way to take on battlegrounds in The Elder Scrolls Online? The game’s next major update is giving you just that in the form of Chaosball. Despite what it sounds like, this isn’t a mode in which you’re playing some ball-related sport. Instead, you hold on to the eponymous Chaosball to earn points, with the first team to 500 points winning… but the ball also deals damage to you and your team, reduces your defenses and offenses, and can’t be shed once you pick it up. So it should be fun for everyone!

The update is also adding a brand-new battleground in the form of the Arcane University, a larger battleground with narrow streets and height differences to really make things play differently. So if you’ve grown a bit tired of the existing maps and modes, the next update will help you bring a new layer of interest into the game. You can run through academy streets while holding a ball of doom and desperately avoiding other players, for example. You could also check out Larry’s thoughts on the Falkreath’s Hold dungeon if you’re more into the PvE side of things.

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I had kind of a love/hate relationship with Huttball on SWTOR and so far I’ve found Battlegrounds on ESO to be only moderately entertaining, and I loved SWTOR Battlegrounds…

My main complaint would be that maps are either badly designed or too large, so hearing that they’re gonna make ’em even bigger doesn’t make me enthusiastic.


Sounds similar to WoW’s Temple of Kotmogu battleground which is one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see how it is executed in ESO.