Sea of Thieves devs go on a riddle quest

Sea of Thieves devs go on a riddle quest

Why do we get the feeling that a majority of Sea of Thieves’ group gameplay will be devoted to players barking at each other “Where are you? WHERE ARE YOU?” until the developers break down and provide everyone with an in-game minimap?

You can see (hear) this on display during another developer gameplay excursion. This week, the team demonstrates how a group of especially clever pirates might go about solving one of the new “riddle quests” that make finding a treasure a tricky process. The quest in question deals with four feathers, with each leading the group further in their pursuit.

Give it a watch after the break!

Source: YouTube

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Paragon Lost

Ack, first person, had to stop it as soon as it started to avoid tasting my coffee. lol Ah well.