WRUP: Horrible movies edition

I'll show you, sort of.

The hush calls over the movie theater, but even before then, you all have that feeling. It hangs in the air like the scent of ozone, a faint urgency to every whispered conversation. Then the screen lights up, the theater goes dark. The previews go through. And the screen is… text, that dreaded opening of any film which does not start with the words “Star Wars.” Things are exposited, then the movie cold-opens in a place you don’t know.

You clench your teeth. It’s happened. You’re watching a horrible movie.

You know now that the rest of the run time will be filled with aborted arcs, unclear plots, idiotic decisions, and no characters whom you can identify with. At this point, your question becomes enjoying the rest of your popcorn or cutting your losses and just bringing the popcorn home, at which point it gets weird. Let us know what you’re playing in this week’s What Are You Playing, or just let us know about horrible movies you’ve seen or will see soon. We are all trapped together.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): ​It’s gonna be a busy weekend, and one hopefully full of local multiplayer. We’ll see if I can get in some local Splatoon 2 time at the least. I’ll also probably help out my Pokemon Go group if need be, though Moltres has mostly been a joke to fight. It’s the capturing that’s the hard part. I’ll also hit up some Miitopia if I can find some time. It’s fun so far, but oddly feels more like it could have been a mobile title.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Guild Wars 2! My husband and I are back back back, working our way through the season episodes that we missed. We’re binging the season. It actually kinda works better this way. No long waits to fill with being bored.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog):You know it’s going to be some Final Fantasy XIV, although I should start doing some research into my options for Shroud of the Avatar. I don’t even know what my characters can be there. Is “Dubstep Ninja” an option? That might be Trove. It sounds like Trove.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I have walked into Mordor in Lord of the Rings Online and I don’t expect to walk out for some time. I need to do some Flappy fights in Secret World Legends too!

Your turn!


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I am going to watch a bad movie. https://youtu.be/fhyvEZqx8X0

Melissa McDonald

aborted arcs, unclear plots, idiotic decisions, and no characters whom you can identify with

Funny, that pretty much sums up Star Wars if you ask me.

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I’m playing through the Storm Legion zones in Rift. It’s the first time I’ve made it past the base game and so far it’s been good. The only hiccup I’ve run into has been leveling speed.

I’m mostly following the main story quests with just a few side quests here and there and by the time I entered the third zone I was 2 levels behind. I’m thinking I missed something because I even have the patron bonus XP right now so I should have been fine; I didn’t do all the side quests, but I didn’t skip two level’s worth either.

So I think I’ll spend some time in an Intrepid Adventure to get caught up to the character level I should be for my current zone.


Hanging out in a galaxy far far away this weekend! I’ve been leveling my sentinel. I’m having a good time!


This week: Speaking of pigs from last week, I am at my folks getting fattened from the fruits of their delicious foods. And my pigtails will surface from the family trough for the occasion comment and off joke. Will be back playing WoW early midweek!

Enjoy the weekend and weeks, peeps! <3

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I had my first hunting party tonight on Next Day: Survival, and quite surprisingly it was a lot of fun. Found three russian friends, and barely understanding each other we managed to kill a bear and two wolves. We even found a truck! I think I’m gonna give it a few more days…

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Paragon Lost

Now that I’m back from my day long ride. LotRO and a bit of GW2. Wife’s out of town until late Monday night so I’m on my own.

Nick Smith

Just got back from vacation. Secret World Legends for me!

Danny Smith

Nothing beyond the splatfest to crush the Mayo Menace. YuGiOh! had its latest total rule overhaul for ‘links format’ and that means everyone i know has been knee deep in the “which decks are now great and which decks are now unplayable” mode.

Rip Ghostricks ;_;7

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Oh, and is the header pic from Killdozer? Not a horrible movie if you like very (very!) old cheese as your movie viewing, but it will never be mistaken for a great film, either. :-)

If you’ve never seen it, wait about a week — someone in Hollywood will decide to “re-imagine” it, I’m sure :-D