Conan Exiles developers dive deep into The Frozen North expansion


Never before have we seen players so eager to contract frostbite in the middle of summer as we are with the situation that’s going on this month with Conan Exiles. Next week on Wednesday the 16th, The Frozen Throne biome expansion will launch for this early access title, bringing the snowy lands of the north into the barbaric world that previously hosted only deserts.

As a follow-up to the expansion’s announcement this past week, the developers went on a “deep dive” into The Frozen North and its offerings. Creative Director Joel Bylos and company show off the new region and discuss the other changes and additions coming in this free update, including combat tweaks, new building elements, and a grand summoning of Ymir the Frost Father. Always helps to have a giant god on your side during fights, eh?

The full hour of deep diving delight is yours after the break!

Source: YouTube

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It looks cool, been a few months since I’ve played. The wolves look like the AI is a lot better than the hyenas were down south. Have they been making strides regarding AI? Like, do NPC’s still not respond half the time?

Kawaii Five-O

Unfortunately, it’s only a difference in how they’re approaching animations or something along those lines (they specifically pointed out and talked about the wolf animations).

According to the dev stream, only NPC’s will have the improved core AI implemented with the new region update–and even then, it’s very basic, core functionality that’s been improved to provide a foundation they can build upon later. Improved monster AI will be added at a later time.