Neverwinter releases epic retro posters for Tomb of Annihilation

Over the summer, I put up some of NASA’s fun faux retro travel posters advertising space paleofuture in my kid’s room. I love this style of art, so I have no idea how I missed it that Neverwinter has gotten in on the trend, but it has: six posters “advertising” some of the locations and icons from the Tomb of Annihilation expansion.

We’ve included the posterized versions here in the preview gallery, but the official site has them cropped and proportioned for multiple desktop and mobile resolutions, so head on over there and let them do the hard work for you.

And PC players, make sure you enter our Neverwinter giveaway — it ends tonight!

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Chult’s going on my phone right away. Thanks for pointing these out, Bree!

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I like the Mama Odie homage.


I’d buy some of those, mainly Volo and Chult. I love the style of these Mondo/retro like posters that are so popular now. Not a fan of the prices though.