Publisher of game blatantly lifting Final Fantasy XI assets apologizes for the game

They're big, you see.

Is the header screenshot from Final Fantasy XI or from the free-to-play Japanese title Chaos Saga? It’s the former, but you could be forgiven for thinking the latter if you played that game during its one-day life. The game was taken down immediately after launch for “various reasons” according to the publisher, but the obvious reason was that it blatantly ripped off the designs of several FFXI NPCs… including bizarrely, Cid, still bearing the Bastok crest of arms on his apron. So it seems fitting that publisher Braeve has apologized for the copyright infringements in the game.

Of course, this was months ago, but it’s the much-delayed thought that counts, right?

The formal apology notes that this was due to insufficient staff to check all of the assets, which seems like claiming you didn’t know that stabbing people kills them, but that’s the official word. One may only speculate that this was part of a legal settlement; what seems certain is that everyone is prepared to put this chaos in the past.

Source: Kotaku
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