Learn about the history of the Crystal Desert for Guild Wars 2’s future

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The focal point of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will be Elona and the Crystal Desert. Do you not know what the Crystal Desert is? Then get out. You have some Guild Wars to play, including a lot of Nightfall, which is going to bring you into Vabbi and it’ll be so great. Or… all right, you could just watch the lore video from the Krytan Herald down below to get a brief overview of the region’s history and what it means now instead of playing through all of that.

You could also do both, though.

Assuming you’re going with the video option, you can catch that just below to get a nice big dose of Tyrian lore with excellent imagery and narration. It’s the sort of backstory that will be very useful to understand what the hell you’re hoping to accomplish in Path of Fire, as well as knowing why this region is so important to veterans of the original game. You can also check out our team’s thoughts and our columnist’s thoughts on the expansion announcement for a bit more context.

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She makes really interesting video’s.

Dragon Whimsy

That is a fun lore video, thanks for bringing it to wider attention and for covering some of the creative happenings in the Guild Wars 2 community.

One wonders if Anet may hire her to do some official lore videos.


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