LOTRO brings back summer festival for a reprise, talks about getting a ‘breather’ from Mordor’s gloom

Missed Lord of the Rings Online’s summer festival the first time around? Have a few quests left to do or some extra tokens to spend? You’re in luck, because the studio is bringing back the holiday for a week and a half reprise from August 10th through the 20th.

This reprise required a change to the planned dates for the Farmer’s Faire, which is now scheduled from August 23rd through September 8th. You can keep up on all of the small and large events on the official schedule.

If you’re making your way through the first zone of Mordor, you might want to keep The Bearded Minstrel’s visual guide at the ready. And don’t let the omnipresent gloom of the country get you down; the developers said that they crafted the allegiance system as a way to encourage day trips out of Mordor for a break.

“This is one of the reasons I wanted an early detour back to some of the older areas of Middle-earth early on in the Black Book,” writes MadeOfLions on the forums. “I thought it was important to get a breather from the darkness. Not everybody gets a total break, as some people go to Moria, but that was the spirit of the thing.”

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Viktor Budusov

Great. I missed summer fest because of business trip.

And yeah Mordor is gloomy. It’s a fresh air to visit Minas Tirith being ‘Mouth of Gondor’ :))

Melissa McDonald

There are precious few “good lands” that aren’t dangerous in Middle Earth. That is why we fight, to defend them, and preserve them.

The Shire… Rivendell… Lothlorien… those are your canonical respites from a world falling under shadow, a dangerous map where everywhere you look the arm of Sauron grows longer.

Fortunately in the game there are other zones that are actually nice, like Lake Evendim, but once you leave camps or villages, you best keep your head on a swivel!

Fred Douglas

Man I spent like two years in Angmar with its creepy breathing music thing. I can handle this!

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Paragon Lost

Exactly! I swear that sound now is like a trigger when I hear it though! LOL

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Mordor was a lot tougher than I expected. It’s not too hard, but certainly a challenge. A breather here and there is probably a good idea.


Good timing. It also brings another way to earn Star-lit Crystals to level our LIs on our shiny new level-boosted characters.