Here’s what an Elder Scrolls Online LEGO set should look like

An official LEGO set for The Elder Scrolls Online will probably never happen — although never say never, because SWTOR totally got its line of products — but at least one fan is doing his best to envision what they would look like.

In a community spotlight piece, ZeniMax gives kudos to Thorsten, a player who took his love of the game and shaped it into LEGO sets. Boasting a large brick collection, an eye for detail, and a dedication to get each scene just right, Thorsten looks for inspiration in the game and then constructs a set around it.

“Over the years (I started playing shortly after the beta) ESO grew very close to me,” Thorsten said. “It was my first real MMO, and I instantly fell in love with the landscapes, clothing styles, and architecture in combination with the lore. It was this combination that made ESO so unique and interesting to me.”

You can check out his constructions — which also include many impressive Harry Potter set pieces — over at Flickr.

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Melissa McDonald

I’m told Legos used to be just square blocks. Do they even make basic squares anymore? Lego stormtrooper helmets, palm trees, dinosaurs, we got lots o’ that.

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tonnes of illegal connections in these. never talk about lego again justin. ;)