The Daily Grind: Is there any hope for WildStar?

If I had known then what I know now, I... would have felt no different, really, but it might have mitigated stuff.

It’s no secret that WildStar has, for the duration of its existence, underperformed and struggled to find a large and steady audience. Even with the free-to-play transition, multiple updates, and a softening up of its super-duper hardcore approach, WildStar has not been able to succeed in the way that the studio and its community had hoped.

In fact, it surprises a lot of people that it hasn’t been given a pink slip by parent publisher NCsoft, especially after seeing the MMO slip in revenue consistently over the past couple of years. Yet it survives, and for as long as it does, there might be hope for a future for this sci-fi game.

What do you think? Is there any hope for WildStar in 2017? Do you think that NCsoft is holding off on the execution order because it has actual plans for the game? What do you think Carbine needs to do to grow and nurture this title so that it may escape the shadow of perceived doom?

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Moon Azalee

And, it’s still going. I absolutely love the changes to housing. By far the best housing system in any MMO. A few friends have joined me to play and they are having a blast. Its a pretty chill mmo that is a lot more streamlined than at launch, more cohesive, still very pretty and easy to let go and come back to. As for ‘dead’, there’s always people running around, but also with the new communities and your own personal housing with skills you can work on – like actual USEFUL housing, a lot of people hang out in their neighbourhoods i think.

Malcolm Swoboda

Hope to be in top charts of anything other than niche concepts of MMORPGs? No.

Hope to be sustaining and profitable enough to run and occasionally (every several months?) add content? Maybe.

That said, I think I’ve figured out that its not a game for me. Between the art, the way that action is portrayed, the attitude it conveys, even the UI… nah. Seems only its background lore, and maybe not even that, is interesting to me.

Geoffrey Smith


Wait, I need to expand on this? Ok, fine…..

The problem with Wildstar was always that it was too much. On every level. It just has WAY too much going on visually, game play, and behind the scenes. It was exhausting and annoying to play. It is actually in a much better place now, and certainly the polish that went into it after launch has helped, but damn… there is no hope now. None.

I logged in a few weeks back and started playing solo a bit. It is actually much more fun now (and the housing is still so insanely enjoyable) but the game is super dead. It still has too much going on that it makes difficult to follow, and it is so behind the 8-ball I can’t imagine it turning around.

Its amazingly sad to me, cause all the potential is/was there, but it just got wrecked by a combination of things (some of them not even the games fault). C’est le vive….


Let me stop you right there. Wildstar is not, I repeat, it is NOT a sci-fi MMO. It’s a mashup of sci-fi and fantasy in a highly stylized (and completely unbelievable) universe. It is it’s own thing, so for the love of all that is good and holy, please do not feed into the myth that it is a ‘sci-fi’ game. It is not. Magic exists alongside the sci-fi elements in Wildstar.

As for your topic, the very thing I just said is part of what is hurting Wildstar. It’s wildly imaginative, but suffers a massive identity crisis as well. It wants to be new, and yet be ‘old-school’ all at the same time. And the result? That image of the school principal dressed in what he perceives to be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ clothes of the time going ‘How do you do, fellow kids?’. (ref: ). In short, it tried to do too many things at once, and came up short on all of them and lost its audience. I don’t even think they knew what their intended audience wanted, or even who they were. I know initially I thought I was the intended audience, and I bailed out before my trial subscription was done. I was too ‘casual’ for the game. And now, it’s too late, even if they fixed it. I went back no less than _3_ times to try their adjustments, and found them lackluster each time. It’s not going to happen again.

Jeremy Barnes

Ahh, it’s that time again. Another what’s happening with a game that’s not popular, wasn’t popular and will never be popular, but gets more coverage than most popular games.

John Mynard

Wildstar’s strengths are its offbeat humor, character design, and high concept narrative. I mean, hell, I’ve been saying since it came out that it’s Don Bluth meets Heavy Metal in game form.

This seems remarkably appropriate:

John Mynard

Wish the chat system would parse media links…

be rational

I’ve been playing Wildstar from the beginning and play casually now. I enjoy it even though I know it might not last long. I hope they can turn it around through a console port or some clever marketing campaign. At the very least I hope they are getting a profit! There is only one server now but for me personally that aspect makes it feel like a closer community although I know lack of population and what not make it off putting to others.


They could shut it down and bring city of heroes back with carbine. But as it is ncsoft they will pull the plug. Haven’t done it yet just because closing CoH was so bad for them that they keep with it.

possum440 .

When people try a game and the devs do not listen to what the core players want, that is SOLO players that party occasionally, then they try it and leave, and never come back.

The result is the lifers that live in MMO’s cannot sustain the game and it slowly degenerates and ultimately ends up shutting down.

The entire time the devs and hired researchers are pointing fingers at each other when, in the first place, all they had to do was what their customers wanted, not what the devs and researchers wanted.

The lifers in MMO’s that live on partying up and running really stupid multiple player raids for idiotic carrots cannot sustain a game through numbers after the majority has left.

WoW has players that are aging and finally figuring out that hanging on to a character because of time invested isn’t worth it, never has been. But it has taken a good chunk of their lives to finally figure it out. One reason even the king is slowly fading away.

Games like wildstar will never get that chance because……devs being devs.

Kickstarter Donor

Wildstar has had two chances and I cannot see it getting a third.

It is one of the few MMO’s that I did not get my character to max level and left me with very negative feeling towards the game, developers and studio. I often wonder what all the ego’s are doing for a crust these days.

Jeremy Barnes

taking someone else’s money (probably Amazon’s) to make a game that is really the game they envisioned because the last game that they had influence on wasn’t really their game because of mysterious “reasons”.