WoW’s Garrosh Hellscream joins Heroes of the Storm


Orc faithful, one of your own has descended upon Heroes of the Storm: Garrosh Hellscream. Rawr. Everybody else, you can just have fun killing the peeps who roll him up.

Yep, Blizzard’s released World of Warcraft’s Garrosh as a playable hero this week. He’ll be bashing around with AoE melee damage, zerker-style healing, a wrecking ball attack, an irritating AoE slow, and even a nasty silence-plus-taunt ultimate.

He’s part of this week’s larger patch, which also tweaks the UI and chat, pulls the Hanamura map temporarily for reworks, flips the rest of the map rotation, and cops to stealth buffs to the Dragon Shire map. Check out Garrosh’s feature vid below!


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Right on! Broken or not, like his look.


In the real world, narcissists have bad hair. In Blizz’s world, they have bad shoulder pieces. :(

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And he is a really broken hero at the moment. He’ll get nerfed and hard on the next patch.

LoL used to get into fan trouble for this. release an OP hero so the scrubs can get two weeks of easy wins then nerf it into the ground. Seems to be Blizzard’s MO – Modus Operandi -right now.


Might need some minor touching up but my team has started learning counters to his kit. They exist for sure. For example: my Cassia is having a grand time killing Garrosh


I know right!? And while we are at it, the moon landing is a hoax and Bush orchistrated 9/11.