Dark and Light fixes bugs, improves NPC lives, and shows off water magic

It seems like just yesterday that Dark and Light was showing off its fire magic, but right now it’s showing off its water magic. Although it’s not really water magic so much as “exceedingly cold water magic,” since the demonstrated abilities of water magic all involve some form of ice. “Ice Magic” might be more appropriate. But it lets you summon storms of ice and walls of ice, so can you really complain that much? That’s in a video just below.

The game’s most recent patch also trims up a lot of the game’s issues and bugs, such as the wrong staff head getting equipped when swapping weapons, or the issue allowing you to try casting a spell while your mana is too low which could cost staff durability for no effect. Similarly, it also makes it easier to hunt small animals while allowing important NPCs to respawn after being killed. Check out the full list of changes in the patch notes, check out that water magic video past the break, and… well, check yourself before you wreck yourself? We only had two things for you to check.

Source: YouTube, Steam
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