Guild Wars 2 begins selling level 80 character boosts

Too hot (hot damn)
Does anyone actually take a character to level 80 in Guild Wars 2 the normal way any more? With all of the boosts given out as daily rewards and for birthday presents, not to mention the free level-80 characters you get with the expansions, shortcuts might already seem like¬†norm in a game with no level cap raises and zone scaling based on level. And now there’s another avenue to past progression: the Black Lion Trading Company.

For the first time, a level 80 character boost is available as a purchase in the game’s cash shop. It’s also available as part of a “preparation pack” for Path of Fire, which also contains an additional character slot, two bag slot expansions, an unbreakable gathering tools container, and some lockbox keys.

Speaking of the expansion, Dulfy has a preview of some of the new armor and weapon¬†designs that you will be able to accumulate when Path of Fire releases next month, along with weapons that each new elite specialization will boast. Don’t you need a dose of eye candy today?

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