Rumor: World of Warcraft’s next expansion leaked


Warning: If you hate potential spoilers about World of Warcraft, you may want to skip the rest of this article!

Photos and descriptions of the alleged expansion, which is called Veil of Shadows, were posted on Imgur and seem to confirm some of the speculation as to where the MMORPG might be heading.

According to the description, Veil of Shadows will be a sea-faring expansion: “A mysterious darkness perverts the land, affecting the emotions of its inhabitants. Take charge in the many adventures across familiar and new lands to discover the root of evil, manifest your power to your full potential with Titan artifacts, and set to the seas on mighty warships against your enemies. The Dragon Isles, Kul’tiras, and Nazjatar await!”

In addition to warships, the expansion is rumored to contain a “Codex of Creation” progression system, flails, pistols, spellbound weapons, additional class/race combinations (such as a Night Elf Paladin), a level cap increase to 120, and even more quests and leveling options for the core game.

So is this the real deal to be officially revealed soon or is it a list of someone’s wishes and best guesses? As always, time will tell!

Source: Imgur via
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