Overwatch finally incorporates a deathmatch mode


While resistant for a long time about adding the game mode, Blizzard has finally acquiesced to bringing deathmatch to Overwatch.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan explained in the announcement video that this became possible thanks to the Overwatch arcade, which allows for some interesting gameplay variants. Deathmatch will feature a specially designed scoreboard and will feature either 1v7 or 6v6 fights on many of the game maps. There will also be a brand-new map revolved around Widowmaker’s France family estate created just for free-for-all mode.

Meanwhile, Twitch Prime members can enjoy five standard lootboxes in Overwatch if they are subscribed between August 10th and October 10th.

Source: Twitch Prime. Thanks BalsBigBrother!

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A Dad Supreme

If you know someone who has Amazon Prime but doesn’t game (or play Overwatch), you can have them claim the codes for you just by making a Twitch account. Twitch Prime comes free with Amazon Prime.

Just did that for my kids since I’m not an Overwatch player. So get on that phone and tell Grandma how much you love her!