Kingdom of Loathing spin-off West of Loathing launches


Sinister clowns. Demon cows. Filthy spittoons. You know you’re intrigued already, but why stop at mere words when a world of western stick figures is available to play right now?

West of Loathing, a western-themed spin-off of Kingdom of Loathing, launched this week on the PC. While the latter is a punny quasi-MMO, West of Loathing is a strictly single-player affair, albeit with sinister clowns. Players will take on roles like a Snake Oiler and explore over 100 locations on an epic (and weird) quest.

“Wordplay and dad jokes abound,” the team promised, “along with at least one drunken horse, more than 50 hats, and liberal use of the Oxford comma.”

The game is on sale for 10% off during its launch, and a mobile version is expected to come down the line. Check out the trailer after the jump!

Source: Steam

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I played KoL back in the day. I’ll probably pick this one up.

Maggie May

Never played the original, but who knows, maybe I’ll give this one a shot. I have Oxford comma nightmares, being more attracted to simple sentence structure myself, having had to edit multiple college essays that I barely understood.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

I’m not going to buy it but I admit the Oxford comma tempts me.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

Why i watched the video?! now i want to buy it, just for the spittoon :-D

Maybe i’ll try playing KoL again.