The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most attractive cosmetic options?


There are a lot of games out there with really great cosmetic systems. But a great system in and of itself doesn’t mean that a game has great cosmetic options. The system in Secret World Legends sure does work well, but if you don’t like the game’s mostly real-world aesthetic, you are probably not going to like many of your outfit choices. For all the positives in Guild Wars 2‘s system, good luck finding something devoid of the armor pieces that some of our staff loathes with a passion. (Here’s a hint, it rhymes with “rutdrapes” and there are about a million pieces in that category.)

So today’s question isn’t about which MMO has the best actual system for cosmetic gear. Instead, it’s a question of which MMO has the best actual cosmetic gear. Even if the game itself would benefit from an entirely different cosmetic system (more dye channels, more costume options, any dye options whatsoever looking at you World of Warcraft), we’re asking you directly: Which MMO has the most attractive cosmetic options?

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Eve Online by far! Second comes GW2!


I’m enjoying Secret World Legends costumes. I could wish there were a few more face and body options, but I’m spending far to many of my Marks of Fortune on dressing fancy.

Am I allowed to say City of Heroes. I know it’s expired, and the graphics are very dated, but in its day it couldn’t (and still can’t) be beat for costume options.

Brown Jenkin

GW2 is probably my overall favorite for quality of cosmetics probably really tied to the game’s overall awesome aesthetic, but I think LOTRO remains the best overall system and has some really nice visuals as well. On the other hand, even if the range of choices in BDO isn’t amazing, the quality of those outfits is A+

Maggie May

SWL has bunny slippers, pink ones. And they don’t force you into enormous shoulder pads, I am actually enjoying the change if pace from the fantasy tropewear. And yea ditto on SL when I left years ago I had 60 k items in my exploding inventory including hundreds of skins. Not a good game for a packrat.


Gonna go with PSO2 again. Has such a huge range of costumes, some of which Im not fond of but it caters to so many tastes and aesthetics that even if I dont like them, I can appreciate the choice. My only downside is that the weird position female characters idle in makes a lot of those amazing costumes look super weird if you arent a tiny anime girl doll. I like my curvy muscular lady :/


I still think GW2 has some of the best cosmetics, because I care about face, hair, and body type as much or more than I do costume pieces, and it’s one of the few that’s remotely satisfying in that area imho.


FFXIV for best outfits, yet worst system for wearing them.

Wildstar for it’s wardrobe and dye functions, yet limited choices (space-faring doesn’t leave much in the non-practicality, regardless of gender).


the MMO with the worst cosmetic system: FFXIV

Its really ironic though :P to have great options for glamour / transmog / outfit but an old and obsolete system


Warframe. While it’s arguable to what extent the Warframes themselves count as “cosmetic” options, I’m a total sucker for being able to swap between bodies – especially when those bodies are faceless biomechanical battlesuits which move with such fluid grace :)

John Mynard

While the options are not super varied, I think Warframe needs to be mentioned, if for no other reason than the variety of colors that are available for use and the fact that they accept and publish user submissions for gear options several times a year.