Citadel: Forged with Fire deployed a patch to finally stop non-responsive AI


In the strictest sense, there’s nothing wrong with non-responsive AI in a game. Even in Citadel: Forged with Fire, it just means that whatever NPC you started smacking will not smack you back. So it technically means you get an easy win… while also feeling like you’ve cheesed the system and not actually won at all. Good thing that the game’s last patch last week was aimed at finally stomping out this particular problem once and for all, right?

The team is also looking ahead to its next Wednesday patch, which promises to add new creatures requested by the community, full WASD rebinding, and corpse markers on the map. Of course, it’s worth noting that those new creatures should all be responding and hitting you back at this point, so just keep that in mind before you decide to prod some kind of burning bird.

Source: Steam page

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Matt Redding

The AIs should annouced “Violent delights have violent ends” before going into killbot mode.

Kickstarter Donor

What’s so wrong with cheesin’ it and taking advantage of bad/broken AI, botched terrain, etc.? :P (it’s usually my “luck” that I don’t ever run into this stuff, I must be cursed LOL)


I’ve been waiting for news like this. Anyone have any reports that this is “fixed”?