Dark and Light turns on three new servers, does a few magic tricks


Attempting to keep up with the current demand of the early access fantasy sandbox, Snail Games announced this morning that it is activating three new servers for Australia, the US, and Europe.

Last week, the dev team wrapped up a lengthy look at its various schools of magic. The final videos looked at air, beast, and earth spells, such as being able to turn yourself weightless, transforming into a Deathstalker (whatever that is), and camouflaging yourself to avoid conflict.

Check out these new videos after the break!

Source: Twitter
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Nick Smith

Hmmm looks really fun!


Even this game’s visuals always remind me of ARK.

Why couldn’t they at least change the enviromental lighting a little?! o.O


I forgot to log in with in four days so I lost my house an all my stuff. Well now I don’t need to worry about logging in any more.