VR is still on the table for Star Citizen


VR-centric website Road to VR has a brief quote from Cloud Imperium Games that might be good news to those of you still hoping to someday see Star Citizen in virtual reality.

“Nothing new really to report here,” CIG told the publication in response to its status request. “We do plan on having VR support for Star Citizen. But it’s just having to fit in as a technology with all the other tech that we are currently incorporating into the game. As I’m sure you know, VR technology is evolving quickly. As with anything that fits this category, we are going to spend the time to make sure it’s integrated properly for our game.”

Indeed, as one Redditor points out, the game’s latest Around the Verse, which we covered Friday, features what is basically an in-game holo-watch dubbed mobiGlas; during that segment, CIG explained that it’s kept VR in mind while designing it.

“Because we will be a VR capable game, we’re kind of forced to project the UI in 3D space, because otherwise it just wouldn’t work. In a traditional flat 2D menu you just wouldn’t be able to read it. So you need to project it at some sort of distance away for it to actually be usable. So we sort of do that from the get-go and that’s sort of always been our driving paradigm in UI design.”

The weekend’s Star Citizen news, however, centered on the bewildering removal of dates from the weekly production schedule.

Source: Road to VR via Reddit

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Brian McBride

As long as people keep paying these guys to develop, they will continue to find things to develop. Once you pay them to deliver – they will likely release a game you can play.

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I do recall them mentioning VR when they were discussing the mobiglass, I was pleased when I heard them say that


Good to hear. I wouldn’t play this without VR, but I think it will be great with it if the game is ever released.


-Well… the fire seems to be dying out.
– Don’t worry, i got some gasoline and dry wood, it will be ok.

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Anyone surprised by this… shouldn’t be. It’s in the Kickstarter from 2012. You can also see its influence in the design of pretty much any first-person-perspective video they’ve shown us (with the exception of forced head tracking during animations).

Virtual Reality is here!
We have backed Oculus Rift and will support it in Star Citizen / Squadron 42. Who doesn’t want to sit in their cockpit, hands on your joystick and throttle, swiveling your head, to track that enemy fighter that just blew by?

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Sure why not. I think they should go ahead and tell everyone they are implementing real flying spaceships as well.

A Dad Supreme

““Nothing new really to report here,” CIG told the publication in response to its status request. “
I like that SC has a wide range of ideas and plans that they want to incorporate into this MMO. Too many times players complain not only are there not enough things to do in MMOs, but nearly not enough original things.

My only concern as someone who has interest but is not a backer is that from my P.O.V., they are increasingly spreading themselves too thin and that the final end of the product will end up being like trying to spread a knife’s worth of peanut butter on a six-foot hoagie roll.


As a VR owner I’ll say that the UI design is a colossally huge element that people underestimate when it comes to designing games. It’s one of the huge reasons I can’t take injection software like VorpX and just have it attach to Guild Wars 2 and just have it work. This is because in those games your “head” is the “mouse” so when you turn your head to look around you’re doing the equivalent of mouse turning. This makes corner elements (chat windows, menus, mini maps, and other UI elements often times regulated to the corner of games) impossible to see because if you turn your head to look at them all it does is mouse look. This is one of the big reasons we don’t see more games adapted to VR (even as a seated experience), because the VR UI and interface scheme has to be entirely redesigned from the ground up.

So if they’re actually looking to incorporate VR, this is a pretty big step for it.

Melissa McDonald

Respectfully, I think you’re discounting the use of controllers. The Rift didn’t have them originally, so maybe you’re kind of thinking 1.0 there? I have a controller with my Gear VR and it very successfully navigates UI’s without head tracking serving as the mouse with the reticle or pointer. Now, I have played older games, and Cardboard games, where that was true, but I think that’s kinda last year. Ya think?

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I know exactly what you mean, I can’t handle my head being the mouse, I would rather keep everything the way it is and just have independent head movement.

I tried Alien Isolation with VorpX (there is now a .dll file you can get that just makes it work in VR anyway) but again my head was the mouse in both instances :(

Was even more scary than before though, if you can even imagine it getting more scary, but elements do suffer, like when hiding in a locker and the motion tracker is in your head lol

Sally Bowls

For me, for any game not just SC, one has to dig deeper to see what it means.
1) Almost every game is going to be “VR Ready” or “supports VR” E.G., enable the supportVR flag in Unity, add VR to the box feature list and call it a day.
2) Some are going to make the changes so that it not just works but works well and intuitively and with minimal nausea.

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Sweet, so will this be something they make 3-4 new ships to sell to fund as the bolt it onto the pre-launch version of the game or will it actually turn into a proper post-launch feature?

Sincerely hope it’s the latter, and given the rate things are going VR might be mainstream by the time Star Citizen actually releases the game : P