EVE Online pushes back its August patch until August 16

hey, you guys wanna have a fight
There was supposed to be an EVE Online patch here. It’s not here now, though; instead, it’s being pushed back by a day until August 16th. Considering the fact that said patch contains important changes to structure combat mechanics and insurance, this is likely to have a major impact in the game’s current ongoing war. It’s unclear if the delay is to allow for one last major push for the war effort under the existing mechanics or if it’s simply for some last-minute tweaking.

The recently released economic report on the state of the game may play into this as well, showing off the overall production, mining, and alterations made in the game’s economy over the prior months. If you’re watching all of the conflict unfold as a spectator or an uninvolved player, it’s going to be very important to see how production and economies are shaped by this conflict.


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Melissa McDonald

There’s a legitimate issue in an update that changes things in the middle of a war. One side or the other will probably be affected by it and they’ll cry foul. I have to wonder if updates should be suspended until the conflict reaches post-mortem stage… out of fairness, if that makes any sense.


Pushed back…OMG! The patch must be Vaporware… ;)