MMO Tree of Life has entered ‘final beta,’ counts 85K early access players


Korean sandbox import Tree of Life is officially in “final beta” ahead of its launch this week.

“NeoBricks is announcing Tree of Life, the sandbox MMORPG on Steam has been already started the Final Beta on live servers and the official launch will be on 17th of August,” reads the press release. “By official launch, German, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, French and Simplified Chinese will be added.”

NeoBricks and OddoneGames previously said they sold 34K copies of the game during its first few months in the wild; today’s press post says the game was “loved by around 85,000” users during early access.

Along with the partial wipe ahead of the launch, the plan is to implement the new Clay 2 engine, redesigned UI, and PvP update for launch. A more recent FAQ tells players that the relic war will be removed from the final version, the UI will see a new compass, and the team might consider world bosses. But PvE servers are not happening. “The three factions are contesting but PvP should not be the essential feature,” the devs wrote earlier this month. “We are designing the game so that you can enjoy it even without active PvP

Source: Press release

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“But PvE servers are not happening” – well neither is me playing this then :P

Loyal Patron
John Buczek

Yeah, I was sort of mildly interested in giving it a try, but if the PVP nonsense is still around it’s off the table.

Have fun if it’s your thing.

Mr Poolaty

Game looks awesome but I heard it was a gankfest fuckery


So it’s like a survivor PvE game with ….Facebook/mobile game design aspects to it?


It’s not like a Facebook game at all. It’s more like an old school mmo with survival aspects. There’s been some highs and lows throughout its two year early access period. I played the game quite a bit last year and it can be very fun especially with a group.

I haven’t tried it since they made the newest changes but I’ll be hopping in again for launch.

Mr Poolaty

When I last checked up on about 6ish months ago people was complaining about building stuff and then coming back the next day with everything destroyed…
That’s what drove me away from trying it :(


That has been changed. Instead, now you get a “Tree” item early on with an expandable boundary and whatever you build in that boundary is indestructible to members of the same faction. They may have tweaked this a bit for launch.

When the item first came out many PVP players quit because they didn’t like how it created safe zones.

Daniel Boldin

If you’re looking to join a Group for Launch check our Post on the Steam Forums.