Young adults are the prime market for virtual reality


It’s a well-known maxim in gaming circles that younger players have more time but lack disposable income while older players have the money but find themselves short on that “free time” angle. It may come as no surprise then that this spectrum extends to interest and investment in virtual reality.

Superdata published a survey — in helpful infographic form — that shows the relation of gamers’ age to their willingness to dive into VR and their ability to spend money on it. The younger set have a 74% rate of interest in the platform, but this drops to 54% by the time you get to middle-aged gamers. However, the advent of jobs in a person’s life seems to help with spending, as older gamers are willing to spend up to $47 more than their younger counterparts on VR.

The sweet spot here are 18 to 35-year-olds, of whom two-thirds are interested in VR and willing to drop $277 on such devices. It’s not mind-blowing, but it is interesting as we continue to push into this new age of technology and gaming. You can check out the full chart after the break.

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Malcolm Swoboda

Great :).


So better than half of all those polled, regardless of age, are interested and willing to spend over 200 bucks. Now, all they need is content that matches expectations.


Because young adults are dumb enough to fall for gimmicks.

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Are you one of those “VR didn’t work in the 80s so it won’t work now” people?

Bryan Correll

Yet another report from the Duh! Institute.

Melissa McDonald

I don’t dispute the polling data but in my own experience any age can be absolutely slackjawed by good VR experiences. I have 80+ yr old relatives who were bright-eyed and excited by what they saw. One said “technology is amazing” and just shook her head in disbelief.
That’s actually one of my favourite things in the whole world. Seeing the expression on people’s faces when they try out VR for the first time. The exclamations, the look of wonder on their faces, the realization that something really great is about to happen. Good times ahead as we get smaller, lighter, wireless, higher-res visors, it’s just going to get better and better. Hoping to see a contact lens solution for mixed reality in my lifetime, it may happen. Or something entirely different and as-yet-undreamed-of may take over. That’s the cool thing about technology, there are always surprises waiting down the road. Things you didn’t even think were possible.


Give me content for VR and I would buy one instantly “regardless” of price. Atm though there is just not enough there that is interesting to me.

Melissa McDonald

What are you looking for exactly? There are hundreds of hours of VR experiences now in the Oculus store alone. Space sim? Elite: Dangerous supports the Rift and it gets good reviews. Looking for a good VR dungeon quest game? Go to YouTube and look for “Vanishing Realms VR”.

I look forward to a version of Madden Football where you are a player in the game. Or the coach down on the sidelines. Or a champion boxer. Or NBA/NHL/MLB star. That’s surely a coming thing.

One of the things I enjoy the most is virtual travel. There are many, many film-based VR experiences where you can see the world, experience it as though you’re really there. I sincerely believe VR is the future of travel. The JAUNT company in particular makes some of the finest ones – it is headed up by former Lucasfilm and ILM executives.


One of the big things to remember is that all VR gamers are pretty much PC gamers and as PC gamers we have access to a huge stockpile of high quality content.

While content like Vanishing Realms shows the potential of VR and the kinds of amazing experiences we can have in VR, most of these titles are fairly short at a few hours with very little replay ability. There’s just very few games you can sink your teeth into and get a couple hundred hours of game play in.

So calls for content aren’t that unreasonable. I’m waiting till Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR before I really make up my mind.


The cool factor before the fool factor…


I’m one of those middle-aged gamers and we bought a Vive ages ago. We would spend a lot more on games if better ones were available (i.e., full versions to justify the price, not just a teaser of what a full game might be). My inlaws came over and tried ours and absolutely loved it – they are arguably what a substantial market for VR might be in the future, as what they have the ability to experience in the real world as narrowed with age.

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Jack Pipsam

I mean sure, i’d be down for it if I thought it was worth the involvement.

Dušan Frolkovič

So new gadgets are being adopted by younger people first before older ones?
What a revelation :D