Battle Bards Episode 103: Wurm Online


You think you’ve heard strange MMORPG soundtracks before, but Wurm Online is about to take you to the odd frontier. With two distinctive soundtracks that skew away from typical composition, Wurm baffles, amuses, and bewitches the Battle Bards in today’s show!

Battle Bards is a bi-weekly podcast that alternates between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack and exploring music tracks revolving around a theme. MOP’s Justin co-hosts with bloggers Steff and Syl. The cast is available on iTunesGoogle PlayTuneInPocket CastsStitcher, and Player.FM.

Listen to Episode 103: Wurm Online (or download it) now:

Episode 103 show notes

  • Intro (feat. “Sunrise,” “Long Summer,” and “Traveling”)
  • “Waking Up”
  • “Why You Dive”
  • “Abandon the Hill”
  • “Flatland Stride”
  • “They Wait Back Home”
  • “Along the Broken Ridge”
  • “Village Work Song”
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Jukebox Picks: “Stormblood Theme” from Final Fantasy XIV, “Shipwreck Creek” from Yooka Laylee, and “The Path” from The Last of Us
  • Outro (feat. “Disband Deed”)

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As you know, I adore Wurm! <3

First off, Wurm's soundtrack is (for the most part) something I can't really stand. I've played Wurm faithfully now for several years non-stop and I think I only ever had the music turned on during the first month or so. That said, now listening to these familiar old songs, hearing them does evoke a lot of nostalgic feelings from first discovering this wonderful world. *sighs blissfully* But yeah, during all these years I've been playing, I've had the soundtrack turned off and have listened to my MMO adventuring playlist instead which gives a much more immersive and atmospheric experience.

Only parts of Wurm are ugly. The characters are horrible, the UI is ugly (but quite functional once you get past that), but the landscapes and environment as well as many of the in game assets (especially from the latest years) are gorgeous! Sure, they are low poly and highly optimized, but the game will still take my breath away at times. The reason most people get “ugly” as their first impression is because their first experience is doing the crappy tutorial and staring at other people’s ugly characters. But if you’re first experience were to sail a ship on the seas, you’d think differently.

Wurm Online is and has always been free-to-play. There is the premium option if you want to raise higher skills and build cooler stuff, but that’s how it is in all free-to-plays. Wurm Unlimited on Steam however, now that does cost. But not much considering how much the game gives back to you. I have 313 days of playtime on Wurm Online and 774 hours on Wurm Unlimited. You better believe I’ve gotten my money’s worth!

I would not call it predominantly PvE, it has a very strong PvP side to it which I sometimes feel could be even called the end game. Once you’ve learned the game inside out in PvE, then graduate into the PvP servers.

I agree with you guys, they should have kept the songs simple without those horrible vocals. They really kill the mood. I also agree about not mixing modern music in with a medieval game. What the hell is up with that?

It was mentioned that you can’t play Wurm alone, that to truly enjoy it you have to play with other people. I have to fully and utterly disagree with this statement. I’m very much a lone wolf solo kinda gal when it comes to MMOs and as we know, most MMOs force people to play together which really gets on my nerves. Wurm however is the PERFECT game for the solo MMO player. You have the choice to either band together with other players and create a village, city or alliance together, but you can ALSO do what I do – seek out your own nook in the world: climb a mountain and live all alone on the top, building your house there. Or claim your own island and do your own thing. I LOVE this about wurm. I can hang out on my own place crafting, farming and breeding animals, then go out sailing to more populated places or sail to events to socialize. Wurm Unlimited takes this one step further, in which you can play on your own private server all alone if you wish. So for all you lone wolf MMO players out there: take notice – you would LOVE this game!

About Minecraft, well one of the original creators of Wurm was Notch – the guy who made Minecraft. So yes, there are a LOT of similarities. However Wurm is much more deep, and like they said – instead of being blocks and pixels, it your normal “realistic” graphics. A lot of people say that Wurm is like “minecraft for adults”.