Crowfall’s class/race retooling requires significant animation work for ArtCraft

This isn't alive yet, but it, too, is going to die.

ArtCraft Creative Director J Todd Coleman and Senior Animator Eric Doggett are back for another lengthy Crowfall Q&A, discussing upcoming cons and and getting the campaign test server up. “We are rapidly approaching the point where we can actually run a real campaign,” Coleman notes.

The duo also touch on the 5.3 race and class update and the extensive animation and rigging work required to make the team’s relatively new plan to more or less map most classes to most races. This is a big deal, Coleman says, as a lot of money and time is going into the animation efforts.

“Take a character – let’s say, the human knight – it took us two man months to make,” Doggett explains. “Just for the animation part” — not the models, textures, power design, or the testing itself. The studio’s current tool, however, can cut that process down to five to ten days, speeding up the process.

The whole episode is below.


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I’m not sure this is the right direction to take. The game’s fine with roles attached to certain classes. It could promote decision-making too. All these dev time on new animations could’ve been spent to make other aspects of the game better or prettier.


Animations are costly and time consuming. Game industry needs to invest in creating more tools that can speed this up.

Kickstarter Donor

Costly but much quicker at least

Kickstarter Donor

This is a great example of why gender/race locked classes exist in a lot of games. Shit’s expensive if you want to have custom animations based on race/gender, both in terms of time and money.

Brown Jenkin

I’m pleasantly surprised to see anyone mention this. Folks tend to leap to conclusions about the reasons for gender/race locked stuff when fundamentally this seems to be the biggest cause. You can either have all models be the same with just different heads (SWTOR I’m looking at you) or you can have gorgeous models and costumes etc with not so pleasant race/gender locks (BDO 4tw).