Global Chat: The MMO blogosphere’s reaction to Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire

It seems like the entire MMO blogosphere wanted to chip in thoughts on the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire announcement, whether or not each writer was playing the game. So what did they all think?

“Finally, something other than dragons to fight!” enthused Occasional Hero. “I love mounts. And I love leaping and jumping mounts,” wrote Aywren Sojourner. “BUT. We all know what else a mount system introduces — cash shop opportunities!”

GamingSF ran down the features, saying that he’s on the fence as to whether or not to come back: “The best way to know that, I suspect, is to play some of the game in the time between now and the 22nd of September.”

Not everyone is on board with the expansion. “The announcement did not in any way overcome my healthy skepticism of the ‘horizontal progression’ philosophy of the game,” chimed in Endgame Viable. And In An Age seems like he’d wants to play, but admits that the business model puts him in a “mental bind” regarding both expansions.

Virtual Bastion: I’m still not sold on Destiny 2

“Mild surprises aside, I don’t think every change was for the best. What’s more, I found that many of my chief questions still remained unanswered once all was said and done. So did the beta do its job? Well, yes and no.” A change of pace

“I was excited to hear about the Days of Summer event in EverQuest II. Then I saw you needed a subscription, and you have to do it on a level 100, no big deal there I guess. I didn’t want to sub for this as I would do the quest and just log out. I’m trying to stick with only ONE sub currently, so I guess I am going to pass on this one because I really can’t be bothered to sub. It is a really cool event though. ”

Inventory Full: I’m looking at the big sky in Guild Wars

“I was struck by how much, visually, GW2 has taken directly from the older game. The wooden scaffolding along the Cliffs of Dohjok, for example, is almost exactly like the scaffolding used in the reconstruction of Lion’s Arch after the Scarlet War. This does make me feel the attempt to run through Nightfall before Path of Fire arrives is worthwhile.”

Xam Xam Says: SWTOR server plans discussion

“Roleplayers and solo players are among those who are the most opposed to server merges. Therefore I think they should be left alone. Roleplay servers should also become the recommended servers for solo players as RP servers typically have lower populations than PvE Servers. For the US region, it would make sense to merge Begeren Colony and Ebon Hawk together that way there is only one US Roleplay Server and one EU Roleplay server. Obviously, the French and German Roleplay servers would get merged into the Progenitor.”

Endgame Variable: LOTRO: Mordor expansion thoughts

“None of my screenshots do justice to all the activity going on around you. Archers firing, people getting shot by arrows right in front of you, cavalry riding into battle, big ogres knocking people high up in the air, fires burning, Nazgul flying around, bombastic music blaring in the background: I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Blessing of Kings: FFXIV’s unfortunate dungeon meta

“Basically, many players expect the tank to pull “wall-to-wall”. Basically run through all the mobs from the start to a gate, where they are all then AoE’d down.  It’s the most efficient method of clearing a dungeon, but it also requires the players in the group to be geared and on point. Essentially it’s the most fragile method.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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I’ve played on and off since launch.. on the fence about whether to come back after burning out (for about the 5th time) 4 months ago.

On the plus side, I could finally play Ranger without a pet, something I’ve longed for since the beginning. If Beastmode Ranger got the class back into the WvW meta, it might be enough to keep me around for a good while.

On the negative side, I’m agree with Endgame Viable. Back in my LOTRO days, I stayed hooked because there was always more levels and more powerful gear to work toward in a new update or expansion – once that was done, you were looking forward to the next content release. There was a real reward to the raiding and questing. I miss that, and I think it’s the reason why I keep burning out on GW2 without really knowing why.


Isnt it Engame Viable?


Right you are!


People are certainly entitled to their opinions, but when I read comments such as “I am not what you’d call a fan of Guild Wars 2–…” (Endgame Variable), I feel like I know pretty much all I need to know about the ho-hum opinion to follow.

I certainly don’t mind critical reviews, but they don’t mean much to me if they are coming from someone who evidently doesn’t like the game much at all to begin with. What’s more interesting to me is when someone who actually enjoys the game — who “gets” a particular MMO — assesses that MMO’s latest expansion, either pro or con.

I am far more interested in what people who actually enjoy GW2 have to say about PoF.


Even though I miss GW2, I can’t see myself going back. The dev team just can’t juggle elite specs. I don’t want to go to PoF and fall in love with an elite spec design, only to find how pitifully bad it performs at end game progression.

Antonio Ergastolo

People complaining about not having vertical progression obviously don’t know a thing about fractals or raids.


plus new stat sets and sigil/runes that shake up most builds every xpac. (no, you most certainly cant just buy them and be “done with it”)

Kickstarter Donor
Bhima Jenkins

The “In An Age” complaint seems trite at best. GW2 gives you a full game for free (vanilla), then you can play with everyone in the newest content for $30. If you want 2 expansions worth of content, pay $50. I don’t think this is some unreasonable amount of money for what is quite a bit of content.

I do sympathize with the Endgame Variable review. I do enjoy some vertical progression–not WoW 40 man raid punishing progression, but something more than what GW2 has on offer. Still a great game, but I find myself not as excited to log in or buy the expansion, though I likely will at some point ($30 and at least 20-40 hours of content will make it worth it).


>vertical progression.

Not having this bullshit is why I love guild wars 2……!

If it had the kind of vertical progression you’re looking for I’d not be playing it.

There are tons of games out there with vertical progression, please leave me this one diamond so I can enjoy it thank you.


If GW2 had Verticle progression like say, FFXIV…it’d be awful. FFXIV gets boring way too quick and very samey because of it. Good game but the verticleness kills it.


People just expect any service, even games that they spend hundreds of hours in, for free. The entitlement is so out of hand in mmos. I think it’s that more than anything that has led to a decline. At least mobas have a built in path for making money