Tokyo is now open in Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends continues to refill the content pool to bring it back up to the level of its predecessor. Today, the conspiracy reboot opened back up the doors to Kaidan, a section of Tokyo that was ground zero to a black Filth bomb that began the main storyline of the game.

Not all of Kaidan is ready to experience, it should be noted. While there are plenty of reworked missions available to players who have been chafing at the end of Transylvania since launch, the team still has two more batches of Tokyo content to add before bringing the game back up to The Secret World’s levels.

Update 2.1 also added weapon skins for the cosmetic dressing room, elite difficulty levels for scenarios, adjusted XP rewards in dungeons, and reworked spirit blade mechanics. You’ll probably want to pour over the patch notes to make sure that you absorb all of the pertinent info.

And no, it wasn’t a dream: There really is a Secret World TV series in the making. Will it be all about you? Probably! Why would it not?

Source: Patch notes
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