World of Warcraft kicks off Patch 7.3 prologue scenario, outlines content rollout


No, World of Warcraft’s highly anticipated Patch 7.3 hasn’t arrived quite yet, but the MMO has started moving things in that direction. A new prologue scenario, Whispers of a Frightened World, has gone live on the servers, giving players a taste of what is to come.

When Patch 7.3 goes live, we will know a rough schedule of how Blizzard is preparing to handle its multi-phase rollout. Right now, the studio is testing the three stages of the patch deployment, including when certain zones on Argus, invasion points, and instances will unlock. So as with several of the MMO’s previous patches, just don’t expect to get everything all on the release date.

Finally, sharp eyes have spotted Jaina representing World of Warcraft on this year’s BlizzCon key art. Does this herald expansion news or is it just a beloved figure getting her 15 minutes of fame? You decide.


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