Worlds Adrift adds ship pulses and ship part rotations with its newest patch


Your ships in Worlds Adrift are getting better with the latest patch. Now you can rotate ship parts to afford a wider range of customization options, although certain parts like wings will still require specific orientation. You can also deploy a special pulse from the atlas core to prevent boarders from reaching your ship, although it’ll cost you an atlas shard in the process. Add in the ability to upgrade your core, and life is much better if you’re on a ship all around.

Of course, you also have access to better light sources than the torch and more plausibly animated foliage and grass, so you’ve still got some reasons to get off of your ship. Check out the patch trailer just below and survey the patch notes for the full rundown of changes. You can read that from the deck of your ship, too. The ship is safety and covered in railings. It’s all about ships here.