Today’s Dark and Light patch puts an end to huffing and puffing and blowing (thatch) houses down


Snail Games’ MMO-turned-survivalbox reboot Dark and Light has prepped a new patch landing today aimed squarely at the B word: balance.

“This latest patch is designed to address player concerns about game balance,” says the studio. “We’ve enhanced the strength of all buildings and adjusted the strength of certain spells to better protect creatures and players, to make battles and raids more fair.”

Specifically, the game has seen nerfs to stone and iron weapons and weaker spells vs. thatch and wood buildings, so whether or not your fire spell can take out your enemy’s base will make a little more sense. Meanwhile, critters in the wild can’t damage anything but those weaker types of construction. Wouldn’t make much sense for a squirrel to wreck your stone castle, right? Except dark squirrels. Those guys can mess you up.

“Only powerful dark creatures can cause damage to stone buildings, iron reinforcements, and castles. Vigilance is key at nightfall!”


Source: Steam

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Joe Seabreeze

The game actually looks quite nice. I really hope they make it a lot of fun. I’ll definitely pick this one up if they make the gameplay interesting.


Picked this up to play around with (currently in single player till I’ve figured it out then might look to run a private server) – its actually got potential to be quite fun.


Rats. Rats may be able to destroy whatever it is you try to build, they can chew through cinder blocks and 1/2 inch sheets of metal. Given enough time eventually they can make their way through most building materials. They normally would just make a hole to go through though, after they make their passage they’d be happy being able to come and go as they please and wouldn’t destroy the entire thing.