World of Tanks introduces PvE War Stories, amps up metal soundtrack

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a huge shocker that the studio behind World of Tanks is into (pause for punny effect) heavy metal. Wargaming announced this week that it’s planning on infusing its soundtrack with heavy metal music from musicians around the world, starting with a special track by Akira Yamaoka. Additionally, the studio has teamed up with heavy metal band Sabaton to produce a game-themed music video of its hit Primo Victoria and create an in-game tank to match the song. For the music video, the band went to the Arsenalen Tank Museum in Sweden, where they drove around in an actual tank and reportedly crashed through a wall. Hopefully on purpose.

The Primo Victoria tank is now in the game, and both Sabaton and Akira Yamaoka will be joining Wargaming at Gamescom 2017, with the former doing a live performance for fans.

Meanwhile, Wargaming has announced the start of War Stories, a series of PvE story episodes “offering tankers the chance to relive historical events, discover alternate histories, or play-out fantasy campaigns.” Trailers down below!

Source: Press release
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Plebs, why can they not bring the PVE stuff to PC, I tried WoT on Xbox for shits and giggles and saw it had PVE stuff, quickly reinstalled it on PC, none of it available

Sabaton is great though, love having there tracks in Hearts of Iron IV

Jeff Mauney

Just a quick clarification: War Stories PvE missions are only for consoles. PC development of WoT is still controlled by the Russian team, while the console versions are handled primarily by the American dev team. Russians have no use for wimpy PvE. Drink more vodka and fight!

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That’s too bad. :/

I play Warships a lot because it has a co-op PvE mode. They’ve gotten at least $100 out of me based on that. I enjoyed Warships enough that I decided to try Tanks., but when I found it was PvP-only, I immediately uninstalled it.

I was looking forward to finally trying the game.

blahlbinoa .

I saw the headline and immediately knew it was Sabaton! Should of used Ghost Division tbh

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Richard de Leon III

Pve might actually get me to try this game.

Melissa McDonald

MOST EXCELLENT! I have seen Sabaton twice live. They are a high-energy, fist-pumping, bang-your-head kind of basic metal, but with symphonic elements too. And yes, they specialize in “war metal”, and wear camos on stage. They’re a perfect fit for Wargaming. Yes, far better than Steven Segal :)
I actually enjoy this song a lot. It’s about the battle of Wizna in Poland where the Poles were overrun by Nazi Germany, but fought bravely and to the last. It was literally 40 to 1.