Conan Exiles devs address Xbox One crashes, says crossplay with PC might be in the works


With the release of Conan Exiles on Xbox One’s game preview program, there are plenty of questions from this new audience about the rollout of the survival sandbox. Funcom’s team was on hand yesterday for an AMA that ranged from crafting to crashes (“our number one priority”) to camel punching.

Funcom revealed that it is working on creating voice chat (in a similar fashion to ARK: Survival Evolved). It also hinted that PC and Xbox players may one day be able to share the same servers: “That is something we are still considering. Crossplay is complicated.”

The team also addressed the controversial omission of nudity on the console: “There is a nudity DLC for European territories (it’s free), but this DLC is currently unavailable due to a last minute issue with the Xbox Store. Microsoft is currently investigating a solution to this issue. In the meantime, all territories will be limited to partial nudity.”

Source: Reddit

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Dug From The Earth

I was really looking forward to this update.

However, it seems to have been released too early, as it has caused me more grief than enjoyment. Somehow, they managed to make building things, even more wonky and inconsistent than it was before. Trying to place walls, blocks, stairs etc, even right next to you, is a battle between you, your mouse, and the system that seems against you placing it where you want, and the direction you want.

The temperature system is just an annoyance imo. There really needs to be server side options to control the intensity of how much the temperature affects you (just like how you can control the day/night time cycle, or the rate at which your food decays at.)

Combat desync seems a lot more noticeable now too, as does just desync in general, even when on a server with a 40 ping.

Looks like ill let this game sit in the oven awhile longer before trying to dive back into it.

Patreon Donor

the only reason CE gets a pass on teh AO nudity is it beingin early access it hasn’t been rated the obvious AO rating it will get once rated. which steam doesn’t allow AO versions of games on it’s store, tho it does allow censorred versions of AO games that can (and often are) patchable to the AO version by the developers from non steam sources.

wether or not funcom will follow suit with the established paradigm and offer a nudy patch once it gets rated remains to be seen, but it’s never been a matter of if this marketting stunt of dick sliders will remain in the steam version of the game, just a matter of when and if funcom will offer the usual patch.

this goes for rust as well mind you.


… the controversial omission of nudity

I see what you did there, Justin ;)