Final Fantasy XIV plans a 14-hour broadcast for its anniversary

Encore, encore.
Another year of Final Fantasy XIV is coming to a close as the game celebrates another anniversary on August 27th. But there’s still plenty more to come, and fans can tune in for the game’s next long-running anniversary stream starting on September 1st at 11:00 p.m. EDT, then running for 14 hours straight. So you may not want to watch the whole thing in one go; it’ll have previews of the upcoming patch 4.1, discussion about the development history for Stormblood, celebrity guests, and so forth.

Of course, this will likely coincide with another in-game event which we haven’t yet heard about; until we do, you can tide yourself over with another piece of fiction in the ongoing Tales from the Storm series highlighting tales surrounding the events of Stormblood. (As always, be fairly warned that there are spoilers.) Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the anniversary broadcast as August winds down.

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I remember getting bashed so bad about how this game won’t last a year and how ESO and SWTOR and Wildstar would kill it and it would be free to play in a year. I was harassed, trolled, even banned from some sites for sticking up for this game.

4 years later.

SWTOR – f2p
Eso- f2p/b2p
Wildstar – f2p/deathbed

FF XIV – 4 years and no f2p. Quite possibly the best mmo out, asides wow. More content than all 3 games combined, SWTOR had a year head start. FF XIV has the best development team of anybody. Best content cycles and what’s funny is it’s free. What you pay 20$ a month for in SWTOR, on top of paying sub, in some cases forced sub just to play new content, especially if you want to raid, we get free every 3 months. GW2, you get lucky if you any content, for years. And Wildstar just failed at everything.

But you know what’s truly funny? The only negative people can come up with is that the game has a grind. A QUEST grind. That’s right, you heard me, story. Weather you call it boring or fun, still story. I could never get over that. People begged for more content, even stating they didn’t care if it was boring, just something to do. They get it and the trolls can only come up with this drivel about a quest grind. I personally enjoyed it. Was not generic for me and kept me entertained. It matched the lore and I love learning about npc’s through these 100 quests. Kids today can’t read so they have to have voice acting, sad I know, there goes our public libraries, so they skip all quests and just claim their boring.

My point is, to all those who bashed, reported, harassed, doxxed, I have just one question for you.

How does the kool-aid taste now?


FFXIV isn’t free. $12.99 (or whatever rate you pay) is cheap, but not free. You ARE paying for the content patches, and yes, I agree that they are worth the money. The game’s payment model is more similar to WoW than that of SWTOR.

I feel that you focus too much on the leveling, when the meat of the game in an MMO is endgame. Leveling in SB was pretty fun, and endgame was fun for like 4-6 hours after 4.0 launched (when I first experienced the 3 dungeons and the story trial, as well as the 2 EX primals, which are too easy this time around). Then it was fun for a couple of hours on July 4, when O1N-O4N came out (they’re still fun to clear weekly with FC members now). Now, there are just 4 relevant endgame fights, O1S-O4S, until 4.1 releases 1 more fight. And while these 4 fights are fun, they’re still… just 4 raid fights to hold us over for about 6 months (5 raid fights if you count the “super savage” fight announced for 4.1, but still…).