Chronicles of Elyria whips up a jousting tiltyard for PAX West


The Chronicles of Elyria team is in a frenzy getting ready for the game’s showing at PAX West in a couple of weeks. After internal deliberation, the devs decided to create a joust for the demo to show off some of the capabilities and possibilities of the game. As a bonus? Jousting was something the team was planning on putting in anyway, so the demo is not throwaway work.

The devs from all departments pulled together to make the tiltyard possible, including creating the environment, the outfits of the six sovereignties competing, shatterable lances, sound effects, and of course, the jousting combat itself.

“Once the prototype of the gameplay felt right mechanically, Souzou and Strider began working diligently on making it feel right aesthetically,” the team wrote. “While riding the horse already feels great, spurring one’s mount on and aiming one’s lance were new opportunities for excellence!”


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2Ton Gamer

My greatest fear is that because we are having to rely on players to make this cool and to work so well that it will ultimately fail because we are having to rely on players to make this cool and to work so well….


Could be fun. When I hear Joust it brings the old video game I used to play to mind.


My favourite bit of Defender of the Crown…

Loyal Patron
Bývörðæįr mòr Vas´Ðrakken

so much of this game looks cool then I remember oh ya that is the game where I have to make alts every so many deaths and rush to find my body before the person twenty to fifty levels higher who is camping it hoping for pemma death looting. SWG had bounties players with fifty million creds could put up bounties and see an effect but most griefers were the level they were because they rushed to the cap and then got better gear from looting players fifty levels below them.

So one needs to ask the devs of the game what are the positives for their death and aging system. There has to be benefits or they would not be pushing it as core mechanic as clearly the rest of the game is well thought out.

Raimo Kangasniemi

They want to stand out and do something different with characters; like with Crowfall, the decision to move past the single player character as the embodiment of the gamer naturally has its critics but sheer genre conservatism, opposition to it because it has not been done before, should not be one of them.