MMO Week in Review: Who better to bring Secret World to TV than Johnny Depp (August 20, 2017)

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Eyebrows across the MMOverse rose in unison this week as Johnny Depp’s production company announced it was working on a TV show based on none other than The Secret World, which in its current Secret World Legends incarnation has launched Tokyo and fiddled with currency. Don’t miss our piece on what we hope to see in the show!

Meanwhile, Guild Wars 2 hosted another Path of Fire preview weekend, Daybreak dropped the “H1Z1” from Just Survive, and Dauntless kicked off its founder alpha.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

Tokyo is now open in Secret World Legends - [AL:SWL]Secret World Legends continues to refill the content pool to bring it back up to the level of its predecessor. Today, the conspiracy reboot opened back up the doors to…
Dauntless’ founder alpha has begun - [pullquote]Don't miss our hands-on with Dauntless from E3![/pullquote]We've been keeping an eye on Dauntless, the sci-fantasy online co-op action RPG from the former BioWare, Riot, and Blizzard devs now fronting…
Conan Exiles to partially restrict nudity on Xbox One - Can barbarians experience censorship and shame? On a recent livestream, the Conan Exiles team briefly explained that there will be one significant difference between the European and North American versions…
VR is still on the table for Star Citizen - VR-centric website Road to VR has a brief quote from Cloud Imperium Games that might be good news to those of you still hoping to someday see Star Citizen in…

A quick guide to WoW’s Trial of Style

WoW’s Argus has several new Hunter pets to tame

Argus has its own lore museum to preserve its pre-Legion culture

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When I think of Johnny Depp and The Secret World, it reminds me of his movie “The Ninth Gate”. One of the most god awful boring “should have been cool” movies in all of history that is somewhat about the same type of content. I get that he was only an actor and it’s a much different thing than producing and directing but still, I can’t help but think of that :D

Melissa McDonald

If we also mean Tim Burton by proxy, I will skip it. So tired of his same-old, same-old.

Fluffy Magical Unicorn

Who better than Johnny Depp?

I dunno. How about someone without domestic violence problems? :P

Simon Morris

Well, I guess it’s a better investment than $3 million spent to blast Hunter Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon, collecting enough memorabilia to fill 12 storage facilities and $30,000 a month spent on wine. At least for us MMO players anyway.


Considering this…

“The pilot was written by James V. Hart (Hook, Dracula, Contact) and Jake Hart.”

and I like all three of those movies, I’m gonna give it a try.


To answer the question in the title: