The Daily Grind: What are you proud of accomplishing in an MMO?

The Daily Grind: What are you proud of accomplishing in an MMO?

Sometimes I wonder if my list of accomplishments in the games that I’ve played is worth anything. I certainly did not have multiple 75s in Final Fantasy XI before I stopped playing (I now have multiple classes at 99, but it’s a bit different now), and I was not exactly a top player in Guild Wars. I’ve never been world first at anything, or server first. At best, I’m friend group first.

However, I am proud of myself for the resources I have on offer in games like Final Fantasy XIV. I’m proud that I split the difference between content, making money, and social ventures. I’ve always been proud of my time spent raiding at the forefront of progression for a time in World of Warcraft, not because I want to do that ever again but because I proved that I could.

And I think that’s some of the nature of being proud about things like that, picking out what matters to us even if we realize it’s not actually the highest accomplishment. So what about you, dear readers? What are you proud of accomplishing in an MMO? Do you think of it as a mark of distinction, or is it just an accomplishment that matters to you?

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Diego Camargo

There are a few I remember dearly, not really proud, just happy I went through some things.

Like when I was a raid leader/main tank for Icecrown 10m and we killed the Lich King for the first time (an epic kill). LK in the last phase, where those black stuff glued to someone’s feet and you had to jump to shake it off. Well, there I was, main tank, walking towards the edge of the battlefield (so the black goo would not spread to the rest of the raid) and there, clear as the light of day, I saw myself falling in one of the cracks and falling a ridiculous (and noob) death. So, naturally I shouted on vent, damn, I am dead, the second tank (a great player, by the way), took the reins and the rest of the group downed him (being a Pally on LK helped too hahah).

Anyway, this story apart I always remember 3 achievements on wow (image)

Loremaster Of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms pre-Cataclysm, pre-flight available on those maps, no zones divided, no linear questing. Just 600 quests on each side and you having to remember what you did or not, what counted towards the achievement or not. Took ages but I was so glad when I finished and used my tabard ever since.

For the Alliance!
I know this is not a uncommon achievement, but how I did made it special. I used to play on Warsong (server) and back then the horde x alliance was 3×1 (horde), so, to get this achievement in the normal hourse of the day (not in the wee small hours or something) and being the main tank for the whole party was a big bonus.
I even posted a comment on Wowhead ( about it, that’s how happy I was xD


I’m not “proud” of anything in a game. It is a GAME after all. Spare time that is spent pleasantly (if not I log out, that is the point of it being spare time for me).
There are things I’m proud of in real life, things that are about social achievements, growth in long term relationships, job advancement, what impact my work has. I’m not focusing the energy and grit needed for this on a virtual thing.

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Back in WotLK WoW one particular raid night we wiped 27 times on 3 drake Sartharion.
At that point people were geting really pissed, screaming in vent and rage quitting.
We were all getting pretty tired and decided to replace the people who were leaving and give it one more attempt.
We got it.
People went ape shit.

Back in Wrath killing Sartharion with all 3 drakes alive pre-nerf was considered quite prestigious and we RP walked around Dalaran proudly displaying our Twilight Vanquisher titles.


There isn’t much I could say that I’m proud of. PvE in MMOs is very easy for someone like me so I pick up builds / tactics / execution very quickly, so nothing PvE related feels like an accomplishment. The difficulty always comes from gathering lots of people and hoping they all find it as easy as me.

That is where I get any sense of accomplishment.

I was a raid leader and then guild leader for many years. Started raid leading in summer 2007 and didn’t stop til I quit MMOs in 2013. I took my guild from being somewhat stuck in the mud to being highly effective raiders, not hardcore by any means but capable of clearing just about everything. I helped train newbies into good raiders, sorted out disputes in fair ways, expanded our website to support the guild, implemented new rules and processes to keep things as fair and objective as possible. The guild had a really close-knit feel to it at many points during it’s lifespan and we used to meet up regularly in London for a piss-up which was always good fun too.

So yeh, proud of that.

I also tended to be the top player in my guild of whatever class I chose as my main, so was top captain in LotRO, top Black Orc in WAR and top Jedi Shadow in SW:TOR. There was one captain in LotRO who equalled me for a while – he had better gear but could only play one spec, whereas I was much more versatile. Was possibly the time of greatest improvement for me as we both spurred each on to get better and better (in a friendly way!). However, I’m not sure me being top is because I was simply the better player in each game, or because I was the raid leader and so always got spots in raids, potentially putting off other players of the same class.

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I remember that in early AoC, getting “keyed” for Tier 2 raids was pretty challenging until they nerfed it. It was a solo mission and originally, you actually had to know your class to beat it. I was pretty proud when I did that with 2 toons. The only thing I can think of recently along those lines is getting “gated” for cosmic difficulty in Marvel Heroes PC. I was pretty excited when I did that with two toons as well.


Never seeing a heeler to max level. /covfefe

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Quitting WoW – clean and sober since Pandaria.

Hey, that was hard.


I’m proud of What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been in WoW, not because it takes at least a year to complete (took me two), but because it reminds me of how gracious and generous people can be.

I was chipping away at it while part of a guild and hit the parts I was clearly never going to complete (namely the PvP parts where you had to actually, you know, be competent). I mentioned it in guild chat and minutes later our leet PvP division insisted on being on the case and one guy was hiding round the back of a tower on Eye of the Storm patiently beating the Horde off with a stick while I worked out (a) how to take the flag off him and (b) how to deliver it (if you watched the South Park WoW episode where his dad tries to hand him the sword, that was basically me).

Long story short, they dragged me down a final dungeon run to complete the achi and there was an impromptu guild celebration on the landing pad at old Dalaran where they insisted I show off the resulting proto-drake mount. Probably my best guild memory ever. Thanks guys :)


Uninstalling them.

Bryan Gregory

I was one of the first Americans to beat the 40 cap Diabolos fight in FFXI after Chains of Promathia came out. This was when there was no information obtainable to help us on any of the fights. I haven’t really experienced that intensity in an MMO since.

Today test servers, betas, and wikis cause fights to be known before people even attempt them legitly. In fact I’m not sure if it’s still there but I think there was a window in WoW that gave you descriptions of what bosses did (no, not a mod/addon).

I was pretty disappointed with my raid group on FFXIV that would all look up and research every fight before we attempted them. I mean I don’t mind looking it up eventually if we are having trouble figuring it out, but good grief, can we just not think for ourselves at all?