Dark and Light runs down the basics of crafting

Dark and Light runs down the basics of crafting

We understand that you, personally, are committed to playing Dark and Light the way it was originally meant to be played. And we respect that you have a deep commitment to squatting naked in a ditch foraging for berries and throwing rocks at other players. But you can see other adventurers wandering around with things like tools and weapons and clothes and shelter, and maybe you’d like to get in on that? So perhaps you should take the time to check out the crafting methods you’ll need to use.

The latest video is just past the break and covers the basics of crafting in the game, from the simple things you can always craft (like cooking fires) to recipes requiring specialized workbenches (like most tools and weaponry). You can also have one craft facilitate another, such as using a cooking fire to make straw more easily. Check out the video just below for a quick overview; it’s worth considering before you go back to your ditch, after all.

Source: YouTube

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That beard is clearly clipping with the helm… Oh, what are you saying? The problem will be addressed later, when you will address the optimization problem?



Oh look. Hitting trees and bushes with fists and drag and drop crafting! Where have I seen this before. For the life of me, I cannot remember…