Lawbreakers nerfs a bunch of abilities post-launch


When one looks at a gravity-challenged game like Lawbreakers, one cannot help but wonder when the devs will add an update where your characters will have to fight a “nausea” meter while spinning and flipping through the air like some demented carnival ride.

No nausea meter yet, but the team did put out a small post-launch patch last week that adjusted downward (read: nerfed) some abilities that turned out to be a wee bit overpowered. These include the Harrier’s Convergence skill and the Wraith’s Wasp Sting. Gunslingers also felt the nerf bat pretty hard, but they did get a new mechanic that grants them a warp charge for every omega headshot. We assume that if you play the game, you’ll understand the words in the previous sentence.

Lawbreakers has been struggling with low numbers and rankings ever since the shooter’s launch several weeks ago. Boss Key CEO Cliff Bleszinski recently said that streaming the game during testing hurt its prospects.

Source: Patch notes

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Chronic Enigma
Chronic Enigma

I love this game, well worth the price point. Super fast twitch shooter with really good modes and gameplay. I like that its just 30 and everything else is free if I want. Sure I can buy money for cosmetics if i wanted them nao.. but. Yeah, solid game, really beats Quake and every other twitch arena shooter, in my opinion.


This should have been F2P. I would’ve played it.

Khalith .

Indeed this. I fear the game will end up as just another battleborn.


Why is this here? The update happened a week ago. The game is an arena FPS, not a MMO, and therefore highly unlikely to appeal to your readers. And your reporting on it is both uninformed and inaccurate.

Gunslinger didn’t feel any kind of nerf bat. The class got buffed, significantly so. Taking down alternate-fire damage from best-in-game to still-best-in-game, while virtually eliminating the only weakness the class has (mobility) is not a nerf of any description.

The game has been struggling with low player counts, which is the same thing as low rankings. That is unless the term is used to refer to scores or ratings, but that’s one area in which the game is definitely not struggling: both critic and user reviews are, deservedly, very positive.

Danny Smith

Has he started crying it was ‘too Woke AF’ again yet?


Nerfed AF…