Black Desert shows off 4K console version at Gamescom


It might have gotten buried in this massive list, but Black Desert is one of the MMOs that’s slated to receive enhanced treatment by the new Xbox One X. While the console is coming out this fall, Black Desert won’t be available on it until early next year on the platform.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until then to see how this game performs on the souped-up console. This week at Gamescom, PearlAbyss is showing off Black Desert on the Xbox One X featuring crisp and attractive “true 4K” graphics. Seeing as how the visuals is one of the most-remarked-upon features of the MMO, it seems like a smart move to wow potential players with a huge dose of eye candy.

“We are very excited to reveal the first playable Xbox One X version of Black Desert at Gamescom,” said PearlAbyss CEO Jung Kyungin, “and we are looking forward in welcoming the first adventurers to our console version, which will be playable in crisp, true 4K resolution.”

Black Desert has sold over 1.5 million copies in the North American and European markets to date.


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Robert Mann

I remain skeptical of the claims around the xboxonex. Sure, they can optimize a little more specifically, and I would expect some boost from that. However, I doubt that the rough equivalent 6-8GB ram and 4GB 480 RX will run as heavy as they say.

I hope it does for all those wanting it, and I do think the attempt is good. Just… not convinced here until it actually shows up and reliably performs.


It’s more like a 580 and 12gb of ram.

Robert Mann

Specs and analysis are interesting. Basically, the thing IS a 580, but it’s made specifically with some changes that reduce some of that power and leave it at 480 levels in most regards. This before the split bus issue comes into play…

12GB is the system and video total in the console. Granted, it is all DDR5, but that’s still just 8GB at most of slightly faster ram… at most. This is a common point of stupidity on the topic, where people somehow thing that the 12 GB is dedicated to one or another, but it is… shared. Which means that you have a bus that is split, virtually halving the speed, as it tries to communicate with both the CPU and GPU. *In truth, the total load on the systems, xbox one or PS4, is probably a maximum of 7 or so GB of this. The CPU is so limiting that it makes this most likely pointless.*

Even ignoring that, this does next to nothing to address the bottlenecks of the system as seen so far (Ahem, the slightly upgraded CPU that was being outperformed by PC CPUs from 4-5 generations ago.) Which… severely limits anything not dedicated to the graphics, and I expect games like BDO where there’s more process requirements to suffer. Sure, it will render simpler programs nicely, but still not as well with the split bus speed as a dedicated 580 will.

There’s some good there, don’t get me wrong. There’s… a lot of hype, with a lot of ignorance as well. The system is an upgrade over the standard xbox one. It just isn’t the mystical thing that is being hyped.

Melissa McDonald

Awesome. This is a great game and it’s going to knock the socks off the Xbox One X users. This will be one of those titles where the XBOX distances itself from PS4 in graphic muscle and quality. Thumbs up!


The differences will not be that huge as it seems in numbers though :P Optimizing for consoles is much easier than doing this for PC… Between the ps4 pro user and the Xbox one x user, the one that can tell the differences will be the one with the best TV :P

Robert Mann

Yeah, CPU limits are the thing that will kick in, and neither system has addressed the issue that these tablet style CPUs don’t have that power. They are great for cheap and running basic things, though.


Wonder how many more P2W elements will be introduced to the game before its console release. :/

Chantal Peykulia

Could be more pay2win?