Exclusive: Elsword’s fourth Elrianode dungeon, El Tower Defense, launches tomorrow – here’s the trailer!


Elsword fans, a huge update is dropping for you tomorrow: The fourth and final dungeon in the Elrianode series, El Tower Defense, is going live on August 23rd. “This is the big lead up to a huge boss fight,” KOG Games promises.

“The crazed Henir Fanatics descend upon the last bastion of Elrianode, the El Tower. As Elsword and the El Search Party throw everything they have at keeping the fanatics at bay, Hennon, the Order’s arrogant leader, has discovered that the El Search Party won’t back down, and they’re putting up the fight of their lives. In a desperate attempt to overpower them, he combines the light and dark El fragments together, turning him into the nightmarish Interdimensional Colossus. For the first time, Elsword has realized that there is nothing left to lose. Chaos and devastation have done nothing more than temper metal and rally their spirits. Now, they go on the offensive and take the fight to the enemy.”

We’ve got the exclusive dungeon trailer down below!

Source: Press release
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