En Masse is bringing Closers Online to the west this fall

We are glad to say that the rumors were 100% correct: En Masse Entertainment is indeed bringing Closers Online (which it is now simply calling Closers) to the west this fall.

The company announced today that it will be publishing Naddic Games-developed Closers in North America and Europe later this year. Closed alpha tests are scheduled for September with a beta to follow, and players can sign up right now to be part of the testing process.

Closers is an online action RPG that features an anime cast of psychic teens who battle interdimensional aliens trying to invade New Seoul. That was a fun sentence to write. It’s definitely a high-octane button-masher, with big numbers and flashy combat, all set in a slightly-more-advanced time than our own. There will be five classes/characters from which to choose at launch, each with their own looks and fighting style.

We’re meeting with the En Masse team at PAX next week, so stay tuned for more info!

Source: Press release

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Nuts Nuts

Woah. Is anyone here like.. actually super excited????? >…<

though.. imagine this becomes one of those pay 2 win games like cough Elsword online


schlag … you disappoint… I expected some Natalie Portman vs Jude Law scene… haha

Robert Mann

I still feel like the whole flashy thing only belongs in genres where you can actually just watch it and not have anything else going on, especially when/if movement matters. AKA, fine for turn based strategy games that go there, not so much for MMOs with all the ‘avoid standing in x’ mechanics that are so common.

Although this seems more or less like ARGP meets dynasty warriors, so maybe it will work here… for those interested.


Ah look, another game which has been out for 3 years elsewhere is being picked up by En Masse.

How surprising.

Raimo Kangasniemi

That ‘old’ MMOs are being brought to ‘Western’ markets is a sing that there is a growing demand for ‘new’ games.

It’s the very opposite of a bad thing – publishers are trying to answer robust demand as quickly as they can, which is bringing existing games from an another market.

Ok, we all would love new Triple-A MMOs from ‘Big Western’ companies, but most of us (except those complaining about SC) understand how long the production cycle is.

It would be answering current demand with a MMO that would launch in 2025. (That said, hopefully there are secret MMO projects of this type ongoing, fingers crossed, so it’s not just SC and NW, with Cryptic’s Magic The Gathering perhaps not Triple-A class.)

Even if publishers would come up with a new Less-Than-Triple-A MMO from a scratch and would push it out as soon as possible, we would still be speaking about couple of years to Early Access alpha, no matter how much they would hurry.

That said, I think that existing publishers should take promising indie MMOs in development under their wings, pump in money to help development move faster and at improved quality.


I don’t mind games that have been out elsewhere a short time coming out here. 3 years isn’t that old at all in MMORPG terms. We normally get a lot more content than we would have otherwise too, getting a game that’s had 3 years of extra development after release. As long as it was a semi successful game.

What I do mind is that it’s En Masse picking it up. I was a founder supporter of Kritika, which this game is almost exactly like except for setting, and I really am not happy in how they handled Kritika at all. I’ll try to quickly explain though it’s hard to do that quickly…

They went and did a beta test where they gave everybody IAP currency to spend and watched which mounts were the most popular and purposely excluded them from being sold when the game went to actually go into service (OB service but permanent characters and an open Cash Shop). While this is a trick numerous games use, they put out the lame pets and wait until people have spent and bought them all up and then release the ones people really want later as a way to force sell the stuff people don’t like when it’s the only option available, En Masse went the extra mile in screwing people over here. They didn’t like that some people were saving their IAP currency and not falling for their little trick, waiting to buy the pets they liked later when they were released. So when they finally did release them, they didn’t let us buy them in game at all. The only way to buy them was to buy a new pet pack for straight cash off their web page. Not only was our IAP currency we paid for and had been saving useless in buying these pets we’d been waiting so long to have in the open game but they only would let you buy them in an overpriced pack full of other stuff that we really didn’t want or need.

I get the entire thing about releasing crappy pets and holding back the good ones, and even doing a sneaky test where they see which are the most popular and then make sure they’re not there for sale right away. It’s a slightly cheesy business move that only slightly insults the customer. What En Masse did though was far beyond that, it was a slap in the face to the founders and people who had bought IAP currency and were waiting for them to release the pets we liked. I could go into further detail, and yes there are more details to share, but this post would get far too long so I’m going to leave it as it is.

Let’s just say I was looking forward to playing a Kritika like game that someone other than En Masse was handling. I even posted that exact thing the last time they had news about this game. Now the news is updated to say it’s exactly En Masse that picked it up. Funny stuff.