Gamescom 2017: ArcheAge 4.0 ports naval warfare westward this year

Trion is on a roll at a Gamescom this week: It’s brought ArcheAge 4.0 to the party.

“Slated for release in North America and Europe later this year, ArcheAge 4.0 will include new features intended to make the game more accessible than ever before,” Trion says in its press release. What features?¬†Oh, nothing much… just a 20-man ocean battleground for your multi-person navy ships, an open-world raid finder tool, a less annoying gem system, and a huge overhaul for crafting, including a new crafting UI and crafting quests. Maybe not a huge surprise if you’ve been following the game overseas, but great news for the west nevertheless. Check out the content outline and new trailer, and stay tuned for our report from PAX next week, when we’ll be meeting with the Trion team in person!

Source: Press release
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