LOTRO caps off summer with the Farmer’s Faire

Hot on the heels of the recently ended Summer Festival, Lord of the Rings Online ushered in this year’s Farmer’s Faire to end August in merriment and egg hunts.

One of the (relatively) newer festivals in the game, the Farmer’s Faire centers around food-related activities in the Shire. Players can go hunting for mushrooms at Farmer Maggot’s place, dash about at Sandson’s Farm to find colored eggs, go on quests at the Bywater market, toss out drunkards, and engage in festival staples like fishing and Inn League dailies.

The festival will conclude on September 8th.

Source: LOTRO

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Melissa McDonald

Sometimes I sit and ponder the abject horror of how LOTRO features drinking and smoking. And then I wonder how long such things will even exist in entertainment like video games. I’m being sarcastic of course, but how many MMOs have this? Smoking in particular as a recreation. Times have changed.

The festivals where you go on bar hops and end up extremely woozy (with blurry screen and staggering walk) is something I’m frankly surprised they have in the game. As a person who values freedom I am glad LOTRO has this kind of thing.

Sorry for the ramble. I probably need more coffee. Hope they don’t outlaw that anytime soon.

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I’ve always thought this was probably their best festival.
Those fishing quests can get really annoying though… but a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day working (except for the pay of course).

Viktor Budusov

I still more like winter fest. It’s theater quests are so awesome!


Oh yes, the theater was great! It was equally fun to play the part straight or totally botch it.

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Tobasco da Gama

Yeah, I agree, the Farmer’s Festival is always good for a bit of relaxing gameplay.