Marvel Heroes buffs its console editions with Elektra and Defenders event


The Defenders-themed tie-in event that went live in Marvel Heroes for PC players earlier this week has now landed on Xbox One and PS4 as well, along with consolers’ 41st toon: Elektra, long since playable on PC.

“The new event finds players facing off against members of The Hand for a variety of limited-time rewards. Today’s update also introduces Elektra as a new playable hero. […] To celebrate, Gazillion will also introduce the new Hell’s Kitchen Loot Box, featuring new console costumes for Elektra, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Punisher.”

Gazillion further says that the Omega prestige system is on the way consoles too, starting with Spidey. “Omega Prestige marks the culmination of a hero’s journey and extends the leveling process considerably,” the studio explains. “The first hero eligible for Omega Prestige will be Spider-Man with plans to make more heroes available for Omega Prestige in future updates. Achieving Omega Prestige with Spider-Man — and other characters down the road — unlocks some of the most powerful and visually stunning benefits currently available in Marvel Heroes Omega. Expect more details on the Omega Prestige system and how it works on our official website soon.”

Source: Official site, patch notes, press release

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Mikka Hansen

Gazillion keeps riding the console train, re-releasing content they already did long ago and charged for in PC, while the rest of the game doesnt improve one iota, never, ever…if anything it gets progressively worse

its all but dead on PC and I dont think it’ll survive long on consoles either

Dug From The Earth

This game needs to win an award for the most updates that dont actually make the game any more fun or better than it was.


Haven’t played since the huge update right before the console announcement. The Steam reviews and general community consensus since then have been…less than positive. Anyone still playing enough to give an accurate assessment? I had previous put about 670 hours into the game, so to see it falling like people are saying it is, is extremely depressing.


Same exact game. Nothing new. Its utter shit.


It was a great ARPG at the point I stopped playing, I just got bored and moved onto something else. It was the inbetween of D3 and PoE where PoE is extremely deep and intricate and D3 is extremely brainless. MH was just deep enough to give that feel of multiple interesting builds for (most) characters and just a general feel of good combat.

All the reviews that I’ve seen since that update say they basically slashed the combat to be easily accessible to console players with controllers and the game feels shitty now.

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The problem is that Gazillion hasn’t added much significant content to the game since the console launch. The changes that were made to streamline power set builds take some time to used to with some powers being changed and other being completely removed. However, just like before, some heroes feel fun to play and some don’t. You’ve already put in 670 hours into the game, you still know what it is. For me, it’s still not a game that I would build a day off work around unless there was a special/movie tie-in event going on like during the recent Anniversary or when Spider-Man: Homecoming launched.

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Sadly, as far as events go its pretty bland, its just ANOTHEr reason to grind Midtown and Hightown not really an event at all… :(