Final Fantasy XIV celebrates another anniversary with The Rising

Once more, a year has passed in Final Fantasy XIV, and once more the Wandering Minstrel is back around to prompt adventurers to join together for anniversary hijinks. Yes, The Rising is back once more, and the rewards from this year’s installment are significant; players can pick up a Wind-up Lyse and a Wind-up Gosetsu alongside two new orchestrion rolls, a new type of firework, and a rising balloon for your home or apartment. (The balloon is both from The Rising and one or that which rises, for the record.)

And what about the content of the quests? Well, someone is missing from this year’s Rising celebration, and there appear to be wandering bugs involved. Both the actual sort and the software sort. These events usually lean pretty heavily upon the fourth wall, after all. So hunt down some bugs and celebrate another year in the game when the event starts up this Saturday.


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“The Rising”? Sounds like a porno title. Then again, maybe that says bad things about how my brains works, rather than the game expansion? :-D

Danny Smith

Wandering bugs? oh god please not Lightning again.