Ashes of Creation shows off live combat, preps for major PAX West push


The growing Ashes of Creation community is abuzz over the team’s recent livestream in which the MMO’s combat system and UI was shown in greater depth than anything seen so far. Viewers noted how smooth the animations and transitions are in combat, and the team said that all of the four current archetypes have these up and running.

Other news tidbits from the stream include word of water raids, character power (which is balanced between gear, inherent stats, and skill stats), skins and concept art for new creatures and items, and a deeper look at the PvP arena that the team constructed.

Ashes of Creation will be going all-out to get the public’s attention at PAX West in early September, with daily streams, a massive booth, PvE and PvP demos, and even a panel called “Making MMOs Great Again.”

There’s a lot to digest, so take small bites and chew on that information thoroughly after the break! If you prefer to read, the game’s wiki has a great point-by-point rundown of the news from the stream.

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