Shroud of the Avatar’s R45 launches Thursday, Oktoberfest-themed fundraiser begins next week


Shroud of the Avatar is gearing up for one of its like-clockwork monthly releases: 45 on Thursday. In preparation, this week’s newsletter features a dev spotlight on Crooked Shank, one of release 46’s retooled regions. It’s worth taking a peek at some of the included interior shots in particular, since usually we get exteriors from the game! There’s even a look at some Viking-inspired armored clothing for northwestern Novia.

The studio’s also reminded everyone that the current free trial ends on Wednesday, that QA server is now open to everyone as previously announced, that luminaries from the team will be attending the Ultima Online 20th anniversary event next month, and that Portalarium will be running an Oktoberfest-themed postmortem and fundraiser for R45 on September 6th. Winners in the game’s trailer contest have also been announced; we’ve included the top trailer below.


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Frank White

I don’t mean to imply that I think it’s a bad idea that game devs release frequent update reports, and I know that it better than too few updates, but at this point I feel like saying, “Just tell me when the game is released already.” I can’t be bothered to care any more at this point. ;)


What is this? Some sort of political movement? Some social experiment?

GanonslayerCP .

Getting in on that lucrative ‘raise money and not put out much’ genre

Kickstarter Donor

Why are they keep doing fundraisings when they should be spending time developing and improving their game.

If you have a great game, $$$ will come naturally.

Raimo Kangasniemi

That’s a nice thought that probably warms the heart of every budding team of developers, but it just isn’t true – a great game still needs a lot of publicity to be successful, and these fundraising events are naturally much cheaper to do than large marketing campaigns.


Yet other companies do just fine. Portalarium is the only one doing begathons (monthly now) to raise money. The ship is sinking because the game has been mismanaged from the start.

They got themselves stuck in a corner with their backers and can’t do anything to get themselves out without ticking them off. They let the few whales dictate the path of the game, which is wrong on all levels. Most those whales are in it for the RMT and not to actually play a decent game.


Sometimes I wonder if the game is secretly about fundraising, and the mmorpg is just a minigame attached to it.


Look up Richard Garriots failed Ultimate Collector, then look at SotA. See the similarities?

Ultimate Collector failed big time because it was stupid. Garriot then got the idea that he can still use the premise behind it and get his loyal fans in on it to if he wraps the idea around an Ultima like concept.

Hence we have a mashup of Ultima Online and Ultimate Collector. Only his most loyal fans are to oblivious to realize it but with RMT allowed, they too can try to profit off the game.

TotalCowage .

So when you drop the breathless language, the exciting content is…

1.) A normal patch
2.) Screenshots from inside an NPC building
3.) Some clothing on NPCs. But you can’t read about that because the linked post is in the Dev+ forums, the ones you’ll recall where players were Insider Trading, you know, the thing MassivelyOP reported on previously.
4.) A quick mention of Oktoberfest, but no mention of how this fundraiser, combined with the Flash Sales and other details of fundraising, is still taking up nearly 60% of the Newsletter’s actual text.
5.) Portalarium asked their playerbase to produce advertisement videos on their behalf, and here’s the winning entry, as well as lots of others, please, please share and get someone to buy our game.
6.) Absolutely no wider game development in the newsletter at all.

Don’t forget that if you’re thinking of attending the Ultima Online 20th Party in real life too, the same toxic community that overlaps into Shroud recently got reported by Broadsword for threatening people there!

But never mind that, let’s just focus on bouncing on press bumf instead! Have you seen just how many carefully edited screenshots there are, eh?

What’s that? Loading screens? Never heard of ’em! And now, the amazing magical trick of a man who claims you he can persuade you a hundred sheep are all the same one!


More “watch us get wasted and send us your money?”