Wild West Online sets alpha test for September 15

Following some confusion and misinformation over Wild West Online’s testing schedule, we now have official confirmation for when the alpha test will begin: September 15th.

The western RPG’s early bird program page was recently updated with the date for the alpha, along with target windows for beta (mid-fall) and release (December). As players can buy their way into the alpha test with either the $40 or $60 package, the studio said that they will have a week or two to evaluate the game and get a refund if desired. The refund deadline is now September 27th.

If you are thinking about hopping on board with the alpha test next month, you’ll want to make sure that your machine is up to spec. The requirements for the game include 12 GB of hard drive space, 6 GB of RAM, DirectX 11, and a Nvidia GTX 460, AMD Radeon HD 7770, or better for a graphics card.

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Melissa McDonald

No notification from WWO in my email box. They aren’t very good at communicating. I’ve never received anything at all from them since the receipt for my early bird access.

Chris Moss

Well I am ready to give it a try. Glad we got a solid date now

Mikey's Bored

I’m actually intrigued by this game, I would love to see and learn more about it as they progress in development.

Melissa McDonald

Well, that gives me something interesting to look forward to. Unless I’m under some kind of NDA I’ll share my experience.