WildStar explains the operation of communities

Live together.

Everyone lives with everyone else with the next WildStar update; you form a community and everyone gets to be together. Although perhaps it’s not quite that expansive, as the latest development dispatch on the official site explains that there are slots for five personal lots on the shared community lot. Still, that means many places for players to work together and form a shared community space, and considering the fact that there’s a whole Community Showdown on the way, you’ll want your best and brightest to be front and center.

Communities work functionally like guild membership, but the two do not overlap, so you can be part of a different community than the rest of your guild. It does, however, still have the aspects of distinct privileges and rights within the community, including who can access what on the shared lots and which lots are allowed to be linked. You also won’t be able to access your lot separately if it’s part of the community lot, although it’s an open question about why you might want to. Check out the full rundown to get a better picture of living together in a model community.

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